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Current Work - Completed Work - Class Resources

"Theme" Essay about Works by Selected Painter - Wed April 3rd

DUE As PDF prior to and Hardcopy in class

Paper Requirements & Outline Suggestions - Class Handout 3-22

Samples of General Essays

A-The Vibrant Vermeer Essay

A-Okeefe Essay


Phase 1 - Choose an Artist and Possible Theme
Due Wed March 20 - Fri March 22

Handout 1 - List of Artists

Handout 2 First Choice Fill Out Form


- NOW Due Monday April 1 -

CH 9 Painting- Homework Reading Pages 182-210
Class Handout.pdf

Beyond the Frame Artists

a. Elizabeth Murray

b. Frank Stella

c. Banksy

d. Sol Lewitt

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Vatican Museum - 3d Tour of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel - (Ceiling Only)
Click on Arrow to move further into room

Smart History Video - Sistine Chapel
Take Notes

Please read this page michelangelo-ceiling-of-the-sistine-chapel

Libyan Sibyl Drawing (In our book) at Met Museum


Wed March 20

Song of the Day (197million views) - Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Spring